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Activities of MaxFocus are based on projects. We offer the services of our portfolio to support the activities and projects of our clients.

  • Marketing & PR

    Based on our expertise and international connections our young and enthusiastic team plans and executes various events and marketing actions. We are a team of talented people with a shared way of working, passion for customer satisfaction and commitment to quality.

    Our vision is to help our partners to

    • Connect with their B2B target groups
    • Meet the right buyers
    • Develop successful promotions
    • Discover the latest solutions in the market.
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  • MICE

    We are specialized in managing meetings, conferences and incentive tours. We will act as a consultant to the Organizing Committee, using our experience and knowledge we have gained over many years, organizing events to help the Organizing Committee make each event a success.

    We understand Central Europe

    The best way to know a market is to learn it from the people We are located in the heart of Europe- in Budapest, Hungary- within easy reach of all destinations. Understanding the local culture is important in managing successful events here in Central Europe. We not only understand this market, we are passionate about it. Our services are offered in the following countries:

    Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia.

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  • Project Management

    Project Management is a marketing based MaxFocus Division designed to help companies to develop projects for the global marketplace.

    Central Europe is a very diverse market place. In a territory of twice the size of California, there are 15 countries, 15 spoken languages. Our past 20 years of experience pointed out for us, that companies reaching only their domestic customers, can hardly survive in long term. While companies developed in a CEE markets have often limited knowledge or resources to grow international, the players of traditionally big markets have difficulties to understand the battle field of the small markets. Will your strategy work in Slovenia with a 2 million population?

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